Central Promenade 280 yards from Blackpool centre Superb 9.4
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
Central Promenade 440 yards from Blackpool centre Fabulous 8.9
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
56 Reads Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire Exceptional 9.9
Free WiFi Free Parking No Smoking Rooms
93 Palatine Rd, Blackpool, Lancashire Exceptional 9.8
Free WiFi Free Parking No Smoking Rooms
25 Barton Avenue, Blackpool, Lancashire Superb 9.5
Free WiFi Free Parking No Smoking Rooms
1-3 Woodfield Rd, Blackpool, Lancashire Exceptional 9.6
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
North Shore 0.7 miles from Blackpool centre Superb 9.3
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
North Shore 0.8 miles from Blackpool centre Fabulous 8.7
Free WiFi No Smoking Rooms
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Bright and brash Blackpool has achieved the impossible - reinventing itself for the 21st Century without compromising that truly 'British' charm for which it became famous. It still holds the crown for being the UK's favourite seaside resort and never fails to live up to its reputation, or the odd stereotype!

Think fish n' chips on a windy pier, donkey rides on the beach, a crescendo of bells from surrounding arcades and more bright lights than you can shake a stick at - sort of an English Las Vegas by the sea, if you will.

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The real beauty of this neon city is the feeling that while vast advances have been made since Victorian time, the great majority of its makeup is pretty much the same as it has always been. From historic wooden roller coasters to every mini-golf cliche in the book and that unmistakable tower built in 1984, the city is a pure slice of the real British seaside as it should be. And it's as proud as Punch about being everything a British seaside resort should be - complete with sticks of rock and Kiss me Quick hats.

For dining and drinking, it is essentially like your average High Street - expect big chain stores, UK eatery standards and enough fast-food takeaways to feed two small armies. But don't think that it's all burgers and candyfloss. There are some very classy establishments that visitors in the know can search out for exceptional food and quality entertainment all year round. The same applies to shopping as while for the most part the city is filled with true English High Street chains and general stores a plenty, there are high-end boutiques and independent shopping arcades are dotted around the town.

Boredom in this playground is simply an impossibility, as the 'Golden Mile' between Blackpool Tower and the Pleasure Beach is more likely to breed overstimulation. From rides to zoos to freak shows to boast rides to bungee jumps and countless others, this resort is THE place to go to discover how the Brits do the seaside.

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